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ClikMat ESD - Eliminates Static Shock

Product image 1ClikMat ESD - Eliminates Static Shock
Product image 2ClikMat ESD - Eliminates Static Shock
Product image 3ClikMat ESD - Eliminates Static Shock

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ESD high grade modular matting system

Static electricity is created by two materials rubbing together, and seeks a path to ground — often through the human body or through sensitive equipment. The best way to eliminate these risks is to create a static-dissipative environment. ClikMat ESD – a comprehensive flooring solution – offers the best defense. Used over conductive sub-flooring, ClikMat ESD is your best defense against fatigue and static shock that could compromise the quality of your products. Made of a proprietary TPO/Carbon blend, the ESD properties are throughout the entire tile. No snaps or additional grounding is necessary when used over conductive flooring. Positive interlocks stay secure, ensuring areas of any size are protected. When installed wall-to-wall, ramps and corners aren’t necessary. For transition areas use ClikMat’s standard, universal ramps.


  • Standing relief in static sensitive applications
  • Customise in 8 cm (3") increments to fit any area or configuration
  • Positive Interlocking System prevents separation
  • Easily replace single pieces or sections as needed to reduce costs
  • Carbon impregnated PVC tiles provide maximum durability
  • Overall thickness 22 mm (7/8")
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