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Wet Floor Areas

Anti-fatigue and Anti-slip mats for wet or greasy areas

The labour force survey conducted by the HSE reports that there were 119,000 non-fatal workplace injuries attributed to slips and trips (annual average 2013/14 to 2015/16). Damp or wet floors would have contributed to a large majority of these cases as liquid breaks the link between the floor surface and the sole of the shoe, therefore making the person lose all grip.

Its not just water that could be laying on the floor surface, it could be ice, oil, grease, and chemical spillages which will all cause dangerous slippery surfaces. Situations become even more dangerous when there are sharp or moving objects, hot surfaces and chemicals in the vicinity, or even the possibility of a fall from height.

The easiest and most cost effective way to deal with these scenarios is to lay Anti-slip mats in the areas most likely to be affected in this way. Not only will you massively decrease the chances of slips and trips, but also improve the working conditions by introducing anti-fatigue properties of the mats too.

There are many mats to choose from depending on usage and budget, or whether you are wanting to cover a large rectangular area or wanting a straight run or even individual mats. The LinearMat and SpillMat products are available as a long run or as individual modules, whilst the ClikMat can be used in any configuration for covering areas of any shape or size.

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