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Anti-slip mats for boats

Water in the walking areas of boats can be extremely dangerous as these areas are often constructed of fibreglass which becomes very slippery when wet. What is needed is a mat which lifts your feet off the fibreglass walkway and provides grip to the soles of your shoes or bare feet. It needs to look smart too especially for the yachting fraternity who keep their boats in a perfectly pristine condition.

With the constant movement in all directions whilst on the river or sea, high traction and durability are vital attributes for anti-slip matting.

Click on the images below to find out more about matting that will protect you from slips and trips on boats.


Anti-slip flooring for jetties and slipways

Over time jetties and slipways can become very slippery as sea or fresh water washes over them several times a day, bringing with it the tiny organisms that build up to create this slippery surface. Also areas where persons step off and on to boats need to be reassuringly non slip so there is never a possibility of a nasty accident resulting from someone losing their footing.

Sheets coated with graphite chips can be fixed down in these areas which will result in a long lasting high-grip surface to put a stop to any slips or trips.

Click on the images below to find out more about ways in which wet areas can be kept slip free.

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