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Engineering and Manufacturing

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Anti-fatigue mats for welders

Welders who work at welding stations are often working in a fairly restricted area and stand for long lengths of time with high levels of concentration to ensure they produce the highest quality of work. This can create fatigue during the day which could in turn affect the quality of workmanship which would be expected of them.

Purpose designed mats are available for this application which not only greatly reduce the fatigue that builds up during the day, but also provide a non-slip surface to ensure there is no chance of welders tripping and falling onto dangerously hot surfaces synonymous with welding bays. These mats are specifically designed to allow for hot sparks and metal shards and fragments to fall on them with no detrimental effect to the surface of the mat.

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Anti-fatigue mats for machinery controllers

With manufacturing still a key source of GDP in the UK, there is always a need to improve working conditions which in turn creates better finished products as workers feel more cared for and comfortable during the day.

One important way to improve working conditions in manufacturing facilities is to provide anti fatigue matting which is also designed for preventing slips and trips – all-important in today’s health and safety conscious world.

Workers who stand at machinery for long lengths of time will most definitely benefit from standing on these Anti-fatigue mats, as they are designed to alleviate the aches and pains that arise from standing still for too long in one position. These mats encourage exercise in the muscles which in turn activates the venous leg pump which keeps the blood flowing back to the heart.

Click on the images below to find out more about these Anti-fatigue matting options. There are many other options to suit the application and budget.

Anti-fatigue mats for standing on concrete

Studies have shown that long-term standing on hard and unforgiving floors, particularly concrete, http://www.safeworkers.co.uk/standing-for-long-periods.html can cause a host of problems. Joint pain, back pain, muscle weakness and foot pain from standing and kneeling on hard surfaces can be debilitating. The health issues caused by standing can send or keep more people home on sick leave, which can cause an increase in workman's claims, raise insurance premiums and slowing down productivity.

During the colder months of the year, un-heated concrete floors get colder as the outside temperature drops, and this becomes very uncomfortable for persons standing on these all day. The body has to work harder to keep the cold out therefore using up more energy that could otherwise be used for effective production.

Anti-fatigue mats that raise the worker off the floor make a huge amount of difference to the workforce by softening up the floor area and bringing a barrier in between the cold concrete and the soles of the workers shoes.

Click on the images below to find out more about the different types of  Anti-fatigue mats available for every type of application and budget.

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