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Hotels and restaurants rely heavily on regular customers who expect the highest standards and who will provide good reviews, thereby encouraging others to visit and experience the facilities for themselves. Top of the list for any hotel is cleanliness; it is the foundation on which everything stands. Imagine having a beautiful bed with luxurious sheets, but they are dirty, or an opulent bathroom with gold plated brass-ware, but it is not clean, the guests will soon complain.

Floors are the highways for the majority of dirt, as this gets trodden in from the street, and spreads around as hundreds of pairs of shoes move through the hotel every day.


Choosing the Correct Hotel Entrance Mat

It may be an overlooked and often unnoticed commodity, but hotel entrance mats are a crucial component to keeping dirt out of the hotel from the very first footstep. First impressions start at the entrance, so choosing a mat that matches the ambience of the hotel or restaurant is vital.

Our guide to choosing entrance matting systems is a very useful starting point when considering the types and sizes of matting required for your particular application.


Mats for Mat Wells

Coir matting has been a real favourite for many years due to its natural look and proven resilience and is a good choice for small to medium hotels and restaurants, but there are better longer lasting products available for fitting within mat wells.

For heavier duty situations, the FootMat Tile range which comes in a natural colour is incredibly versatile due to its neat 305mm square size as this makes cutting and laying so easy for Facilities Managers to organise, and whats more, this range is manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

Another great option is the FootMat Master A which is available in charcoal or grey, and features aluminium strips that continue to scrape off dirt for many years to come.

FootMat Premier A and FootMat Track are also perfect for inserting into mat wells, as the tiles connect together, and can be cut in around the edges with ease.


Loose-Lay Hotel Entrance Mats

Once your guests have passed over the first matting area, then the next few steps should be made on a secondary interior mat or barrier mat which is super water absorbent and has fine hairs to remove the smaller particles of dust and dirt. These are produced in long rolls so that they can be laid far into the entrance area to make the maximum use of their cleaning abilities.

FootMat Supreme fits the bill well in this application. The hardwearing polyamide carpet type surface is great for high traffic areas, along with the PVC backing that prevents the mat from moving or slipping.

FootMat Superdry has exceptional moisture wiping properties with lipped edges that retain up to 5.4 litres water/m2. The reinforced waffle pattern really scrapes off any excess dirt to keep the polished floors in front of it smart and clean.

FootMat Tough is just that. Available in several colours, the debris and dirt is collected into the surface channels which is then easy to vacuum.


Outdoor Entrance Mats

Hotels or restaurants with smaller entrances may well benefit from rubber external mats that have particularly effective dirt scraper properties. Mats such as the EntraMat, FingerMat or CobMat all perform this task admirably.


Internal Matting Systems

Once inside the hotel then there’s still so many opportunities to make use of the anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties of our mats. Outside guest rooms on polished floors, around swimming pools and in the changing facilities, in the back of house areas where all the hard work preparing food takes place, behind the reception desk where the receptionists stand for many hours serving their customers, and

behind the drinks bar to prevent glasses breaking if they get dropped and to avoid the barmaids and barmen from slipping over. All these can be provided by Lanmat as detailed below.


Wet Area Hotel Mats

Wet floors really can be dangerous, with constantly wet areas such as around swimming pools and within changing rooms being particularly critical. Our PoolsideMat comes in several colours to match the surrounding décor, and with its soft surface, gives great slip resistance and is very comfortable underfoot. Cleanliness is vital in these areas, so the PoolsideMat is manufactured from anti-bacterial treated plastic which prevents fungal growth.


Kitchen and Bar Area Mats

In the often cramped conditions in the food preparation areas, slippery floors are just not something that can be tolerated, there are too many sharp and hot surfaces to keep clear of, hence its vital that anti-slip matting is laid in these working areas to prevent slips and trips. Cold floors also add extra pressure to the workforce, so rubber mats such as the LinearMat or ZoneMat will insulate the workers from this, and also provide anti-fatigue comfort during the working day. Its also important to ensure hygiene is acknowledged which is why mats such as the HygieneMat and ProcessMat are used in hygiene sensitive areas of the kitchen.

Bar areas can benefit from mats on the floors such as PneuMat that will help to stop anything dropped from smashing, and prevent slips if liquid is spilled.


Hotel Anti-Fatigue Mats

Receptionists dealing with the constant flow of visitors work long hours behind the reception desks, and often stand up during their whole working day. Fatigue can take many forms, and often cause aches in the feet, legs, pelvis and lower back, and this has a detrimental effect on the performance of your staff. Our ServeMat is a great choice for this with its marble effect surface and plush padding underneath. TraffiMat Standard also serves well in these situations with its proven anti-fatigue properties.


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