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Food Processing

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Anti-fatigue and Anti-slip mats for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens are incredibly busy places with chefs and their porters constantly on the move and often in restricted conditions as they seek to create the best food for their clients. Along with that comes the danger of spillages and items of food landing on the floor, which in turn gives rise to the possibility of slips and trips with very dangerous consequences considering all the hot liquids and machinery within arm’s reach.

It is essential that floors are kept clean and free of grease and oils, but with so much going on, that isn’t always the case. It is critical that commercial kitchen floors have a protection layer to avoid the possibility of slips and trips, and the best way to achieve this is to lay down an anti-slip and anti-fatigue mat which is specifically designed to allow for spills to flow below the walking surface, and which has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives included.


Most commercial kitchen floors would be made from hard tiles or concrete which are tiring to walk on all day, so with the anti-fatigue properties in these mats, not only will you decrease the slips and trips, but also provide a better working environment. 

For modular mats which can easily be handled and moved, the HygieneMat GA is a great choice as this has handles to make it easier to carry and hang up for washing down. For longer sections of flooring, the HygieneMat is perfect for this job. 

The Sanitizing FootBath is ideal where cross-contamination is an issue.

Click on the images above to find out more about these mats specifically created for food processing areas.


Anti-fatigue and Anti-slip mats for fresh produce packaging

There is so much going on in the fresh produce industry with today’s hunger for high quality fresh fruit and vegetables, all to compliment the many and varied foods available from all around the world.

With a sharp focus on improving the packaging materials to become more environmentally friendly, this means pack houses are very busy places and there is no better time than now to ensure those working there are given comfortable floors to stand on, and with the nature of the type of product they are packing, to have safe Anti-slip mats in place to save any accidents from occurring.

The best type of mat for these situations is with an open grid which will allow debris and dampness to fall through therefore ensuring the grip is still maintained. The LinearMat and PneuMat both have Anti-fatigue properties too to alleviate the aching legs and feet of the workforce.

Click on the images above to find out more about these products which are designed to reduce the possibility of dangerous slips and trips. 


Anti-fatigue mats will provide alleviation from aching legs and feet by encouraging muscle movement and better blood circulation.

Crushed fruit and veg and water can be a lethal mix on concrete floors and could cause some very nasty accidents if anti-slip mats are not put in place.

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