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Mats for Oily Work Stations

Choosing the right mat for an oily environment needs to be carefully considered, due to the increased risk of slipping. We explore the factors to help you select the right safety matting.

The Problem

Engineering and industrial work stations are often prone to spilt liquids, such as oils and grease. Traditional anti fatigue mats, will combat fatigue from standing and have a level of slip resistance, however more hazardous oily work environments require specifically designed anti slip and drainage mats.

The Facts

  • Slip accidents in the workplace are one of the most common to be reported.
  • Slips, trips and falls accounted for 22% of work related injuries reported in recent years.

The Solution

The installation of a heavy duty drainage mat, with anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties, which are specifically designed to resist chemicals, oils and grease, are an effective way to help prevent slip and trip accidents.

Our safety matting range includes heavy duty 100% nitrile mats with drainage holes to allow any spilt liquids or debris to drain off the surface, to provide safer footing.

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