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Floor Marking Tapes

Essential floor marking tapes

Floor marking tapes are essential for a number of reasons, they can simplify operational processes, increase productivity and highlight dangerous areas. 

Our floor marking tapes are designed to withstand the rigours of machinery and personnel movements in any warehouse or distribution centre environment.

Where should the different colours of floor tape be used?

Floor marking colours and where to use them:

  • Black / yellow: Identification of danger areas, obstacles and radioactive material
  • White / red: Hazardous areas in construction, easily inflammable objects, fire extinguishers
  • White / green: emergency exits, escape routes, first aid, safety equipment.
  • White: Location determination for machines, devices and systems.
  • Red: defective goods, quarantine warehouse
  • Yellow: demarcated work zones, driveways and footpaths.
  • Green: Finished products
  • Blue: Semi-finished product and material for further processing
  • Orange: quality control
  • Black: manufacturing
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