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Winter is coming – are your stairways and entrances ready for it?

Make sure steps and walkways are non-slip and safe

Some fantastic summer weather has probably made us forget all about the long winter months just about to invade our lives. With the cold wintry weather comes some real life hazards not just with the snow and ice, but with the extra rain and general dampness at this time of year.

Slips and trips on steps can be really dangerous for all age groups, especially where there might be trees nearby shedding leaves, which then turn to slippery mush. Now’s the time to check if your stair treads have an anti-slip surface.Anti Slip Stair Treads

What about external stair landings and wheelchair ramps and slopes? Do they have a non-slip surface to make sure you are preventing any possibility of staff or the general public from having a bad slip experience?

Damp leaves, puddles, mud spread from the staff car park – it all tries hard to get inside, so make sure you have some good quality heavy duty external mats in place that will scrape off excess dirt and grime picked up on the way to the office or shop. This acts as an extra barrier if you already have internal door mats in place. Cleaning bills are reduced and the possibility of slips in the lobby areas becomes a thing of the past.

Construction sites can turn into mud baths over the winter, and with the trend in construction companies working hard to improve the general cleanliness of their sites, any way of removing as much mud as possible before entering into the site cabins is a massive advantage. Make sure you install mud scrapers next to each entrance and doorway so that site operatives can clean their footwear before entering the buildings.

It’s so easy to stop the unwanted dirt and grime from entering your building, so please contact us for further information or samples of our range of external mats and anti-slip floor coverings.

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