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New Product Guide For Operations and Warehouse Managers 

Welcome to our latest brochure, designed to give operations and warehouse managers a go-to guide for a susbstantial range of products suited to all warehouse and manufacturing environments.

Whats new?

Palband. A re-usable pallet or roll cage wrapping system which completely removes the need to use single-use plastic pallet wrap. Made from robust materials, they can be used and returned thousands of times, saving you time and money within your distribution system.

Trolley covers.  There's a huge amount of metal trolleys in all shapes and sizes being used to transport goods both internally and externally, and with this comes a real waste issue when these trolleys are wrapped in plastic pallet wrap. Our new trolley covers are reusable and very easy to use, and most importantly they remove the need to use pallet wrap to hold the goods inside.

Other returnable packaging. There's never been a better time than now to review the use of single journey packaging - are there any ways that you could use returnable packaging instead? This not only removes the waste element, but returnable packaging is stronger and more resillient to the demands of modern day transportation networks. Call us about our range of heavy duty containers, plastic pallet boxes and all the ancilliaries that go with them including ratchet buckles, lashing straps and webbing.

Elevation platforms. Elevation is a modular platform system engineered to deliver all the strength and stability of traditional platforms, but in a fraction of the time. Elevation platforms are manufactured using up to 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene on an aluminium frame. Make sure your employees are raised up to the proper height and elevate them above potential floor hazards.

ForkliftMat.  Excellent absorbsion of water and dampness that comes in via forklift wheels, which otherwise is likely to cause slip accidents in your warehouse.

Safety knives. A range of box cutters and safety knives that are made from only two components, the safety blade and its moulded enclosure. This is a high form of knife safety, that virtually eliminates the accidental risk of an injury from a safety blade. The Dispo safety knife innovative designs make this range the perfect choice for retail and distribution that requires a safety knife for tape cutting, cutting cardboard and opening boxes.

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