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Ground-Breaking New Doormat Technology

Benefits of a Hygiene+ treated doormat:

  • Elimination of bacteria
  • Cleanliness on a microbial level
  • Reduced odour
  • Less water consumption, less frequent washing required
  • Energy saving by washing on low temperatures
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Free of metals
  • Permanent technology

How does the new FootMat Hygiene+ work? 

Hygiene+ is a game changer. In addition to the high quality materials and construction, FootMat Hygiene+ is treated with BI-OME, an antimicrobial and virus reducing technology. Even if you are not actively cleaning, the doormat remains clean on a microbial level and the technology remains active throughout the lifespan of the mat.

What is BI-OME treatment?

BI-OME is a biocide agent that has a durable viral reducing effect on surfaces such as entrance mats. The treatment with BI-OME can reduce the viral activity of enveloped viruses in a time span of 2 hours, while the half life (time it takes for 50% of the viruses not to become infectious) is about 4 hours for untreated surfaces.

What happens if the doormat is cleaned or machine washed?

You can clean FootMat Hygiene+ like any other doormat, you can even machine wash it. The treatment with BI-OME stays on the fibres and remains active, this means you can wash it on lower temperatures to save energy and still have a doormat that is clean on microbial levels.

BI-OME is a registered and tested treatment

The BI-OME treatment is registered with OEKO-TEX® to guarantee maximum consumer safety and BPR (PT2, PT7, PT9) registered with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

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