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...to access your machinery

...to reduce slips and trips on steps

...to work in food and hygiene areas

...to keep your floor areas clear

...to inform your staff with signage

...to reduce slips and trips at work  

...to improve your operators comfort 

...to keep your entrances clean

...to walk on your flat roof areas

...to work in your control rooms

...to walk on external soft ground

...to stop trips over your cables

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recent projects

A safer way to clean trucks

This internationally renowned logistics company required an upgraded platform to safely allow access for cleaning operatives to clean out the internal areas of their trucks.
The existing system was an old scaffolding platform which was costing a monthly hire charge and had certainly seen better days. 

The all aluminium Elevation Modula system was delivered ready to forklift into position meaning the downtime for access to the trucks was kept to just a few hours, and only required a few small adjustments to the feet to level the platform.

Elevation Modula can be built into an endless array of configurations to suit many applications including roof access, machinery access, suspended walkways, crossovers and stairs.

A safer way to access food production machinery

Food production companies require very high working condition standards and this food manufacturer who produces some famous brands is no exception. They were concerned that the slip resistance of their existing metal stairways throughout the factory were becoming too dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.

Oakland Industrial manufactured bespoke GRP stair tread and platform covers to create an exeptionally high level of safety for the hundreds of employees using the stairways around the machinery. The highly visible yellow edging also added to the safety improvements along with the carbide grit finish which will keep everyone safe for many years to come. 

A safer way to navigate a huge loftspace

Above this vast food processing area is an equally huge loft which houses all the services and electrics to keep the facility running smoothly.

Without any clear direction for service engineers to follow when servicing the machinery, the health and safety team involved Oakland Industrial to provide a solution that would stop the engineers from getting lost or walking into dangerous areas.

A very simple method was established whereby a high visibility mat was laid down to form an easy to follow walkway, avoiding all the dangerous obstacles and leading them to exit doors and stairways, and to safety.

The PathMat product has come into its own on this project and weighing only 2.8kg per linear metre, meant there was no excessive extra weight put on the ceiling. Its available in a 10m roll making it very easy to handle and lay down. PathMat is often used in other applications such as on construction site pathways, mezzanine walkways and warehouse walkways.

A safer way to operate machinery

Standing all day at packing stations and machinery can be very tiring, and also create numerous health issues including the compresion of the spinal cord, joint and back pain, and low blood circulation to name a few.
Food processing facilities need employees to keep alert and aware, and this particular food processing company decided to do the right thing for its employees and purchase individual anti-fatigue mats for all its standing operatives. They purchased the BlueMat product which is specifically designed for food processing areas, as it incorporates a number of unique features including the overall design which doesn't allow any food to harbour in any gaps or holes, made from 100% Nitrile, oil and grease resistant and blue in colour so all food can be seen easily.

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