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shadow boards

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Smart, tidy and on-brand

Shadow boards are well known in lean methodology for speeding up manual processes by making sure the required equipment is always present and easy to find. They increase equipment life and reduce replenishment costs by keeping your tools away from damage from machinery such as forklifts, pallet trucks, or vehicles of any description. With safety being so important in all industrial, commercial and educational buildings, shadow boards facilitate this by ensuring all the correct cleaning and maintenance equipment is to hand whatever need may arise. 

Every application catered for

Your shadow board can be designed to suit any application and made to any size whether wall mounted, self-supporting or wheel mounted. The design will make the best use of the space available by ensuring all the tools are easy to reach and replace when not in use.

Your branding can be utilised effectively across your shadow boards giving another branding opportunity, and ensuring the boards fit in perfectly with your overall company image. For some technical products, explainatory text is required and this can be incorporated into the overal design which gives your staff instant instructions which in turn reduces the risk of machinery being used incorrectly. 


Built to last

Your shadow board will be built to last from a high quality 3mm composite aluminium material which is screen printed to ensure your branding stays in place, and the tools will be hung on stainless steel hooks to suit each style of product you are using.

There's literally hundreds of areas where shadow boards can be used, including packing stations, cleaning stations, classrooms, machine workshops, manufacturing facilities, sports centres, high risk hygiene areas, testing stations, vehicle cleaning areas, warehouse and despatch areas, PPE dispensers to name but a few.

Bespoke to you

There's no minimum quantity so you can have a bespoke shadow board in every department of your building which is customised for each situation. Each shadow board is uniquely coded to make it easy to re-order.

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