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Palband - Proudly Made In The UK

Excellent to see the 'MADE IN THE UK' badge on another batch of Palband reusable pallet wraps going to a client who wants to reduce plastic waste.

Manufacturing in the UK is so much more important at the current time, and here's 10 good reasons to prove it;


  1. You can build good relationships with your manufacturers.

Being able to meet face to face with your manufacturer aids communication and demonstrates that you mean business.


  1. It gives you more control.

With greater communication comes greater control. You can check on progress, on quality control and negotiate better when your factory is within easy reach.


  1. You can develop ideas with your factory.

Being able to meet with your manufacturer in person opens up the opportunity for them to share their experience with you. They can suggest materials and techniques that you might not even have heard of to improve your product.


  1. You are never more than a few hours away if there is a problem.

Things do, and probably will, go wrong in manufacturing. Keeping your manufacturing local means you can get to, and resolve, any issues quickly.


  1. You don’t wait months for the finished product to arrive.

Fast delivery is possible to and from anywhere within the UK. No more waiting weeks while your new stock is at sea. You can have your product on the shelves, ready to sell, straight away.


  1. Customers appreciate a ‘Made in the UK’ label.

When it comes to building trust, knowing that a retailer is selling goods that are made in the UK is one of the main things that gives shoppers the confidence to buy.


  1. It helps create employment in the UK.

The more products that are made in the UK, the more job security and opportunities there will be.


  1. The carbon footprint of a product is reduced if it is made locally.

By simply taking out the travel to and from an overseas manufacturer, and the shipping of samples and goods, you will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your product.


  1. Enjoy the sense of pride that your products are made in the UK.

We have a strong heritage of design and manufacturing in the UK. You can be proud that your brand is British-made and know that it will add value to your customers here and overseas.


  1. Great Britain becomes a nation of makers again

You are reinforcing the manufacturing sector by making your product here. If you can make it here – you should. Otherwise we will lose the manufacturers and the skills needed to make the high quality products we are known for.

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